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Below are books available for purchase or loan.  


The Mental Pastor

Understanding Mental Illness of the Clergy

The Mental Pastor is a work spanning eleven years of ministry and the suffering of my own mental illness.  This book focuses on the life and difficulties that come with it as clergy face their own mental illness and navigate God's given ministry.  We focus on the importance of the mentally ill minister continuing to serve, event if society says not.

When the Pastor Resigns

A Pastor Search Committee Guidebook

"MY PASTOR JUST QUIT!  WHAT NOW?"  These are the words spoken by—many church members throughout the country.  The task of the pastor search process can be overwhelming.  Dr. Cupples' guidebook provides a step-by-step action plan to lead the pastor search committee to search, select and call a new pastor.  This book offers a comprehensive plan for any church facing the search process.

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A History of White River Baptist Association of Arkansas

This is a historical book by H. D. Morton that provides concise documentation of WRBA from 1840-1954.

Available to check out.

A History of Baptists in Arkansas


This book is a history of Southern Baptist in Arkansas that spans for early 19th century and into the 20th century.

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Available to check out.

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History of East Oakland Baptist Church


Compiled for the 150 Year Anniversary in 2022. 

Available to check out.

History of the
First Baptist Church

Cotter, Arkansas
Compiled January 2022


Available for check out.

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